About Connor... He Lived Buoyantly

The Honor Connor Run is named for Connor Gage, a 15-year old freshman, who died tragically in a drowning accident in 2012. Connor was a wonderful son, brother and friend, who is greatly missed. He was known for his big smile and his love of running. The Honor Connor Run is brought to you from The LV Project, which was founded by the Gage family to honor the life of Connor. The LV Project is dedicated to projects that help people LiVe and LoVe buoyantly, on lakes and in life. 

Here are a few pics from the 15 wonderful years Connor was on this earth.

Why We Run

Connor loved to run, and because of you, he's still running. In fact, thanks to your support, he's been all over the world. We've never seen him run so far. It's been a blessing to put the funds from the 2013 Honor Connor Run to use for projects that help others LiVe buoyantly. Here are some of the things you've made possible. Thank you.

  • Built a new soccer field for kids in Ghana, West Africa (Touch A Life Foundation)
  • Funded sewing machines to help poor women in Honduras (Mamas en Catacamas)
  • Sent 1500 pairs of shoes to El Salvador (Feet That Move)
  • Became a yearly sponsor for a sweet orphan named Bernard in Zambia (Family Legacy)
  • Sent goats to poor families in Honduras (Christian Relief Fund)
  • Funded new sonar equipment for emergency lake searches (The BMF Project)
  • Raised awareness for life vests on lakes (The LV Project)

Like last year, this year's run proceeds will benefit The LV Project, Touch A Life Foundation, Feet That Move and other worthy organizations.